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Friday, 19 June 2015

" Save up to 50% off " - is a sale purchase always a bargain?

Have you ever noticed that sales, a concept that is supposed to save you lots of money, actually end up making you spend more? We all get that wonderful feeling that we've got ourselves a great bargain in the sale, when the price decrease has been so high that we simply cannot resist bagging ourselves a bargain buy. But is it really a bargain?

Picture this; you go to the shops, not really looking for anything in particular, because there isn't really anything you need (stop me if you never go shopping unless you absolutely intend to buy something), so in your mind your budget is £0 because you're not expecting to actually come away with anything. Then you spot a sale, and you go and have a look, "just to see what's on offer", and the next thing you know, you've spent £XX amount on shoes, clothes, make up, bags, whatever else, and consider yourself to have done really well because you've 'saved' money. Except you haven't really, because you originally had no intention of buying anything, and instead you bought a lot of stuff, so in reality and looking at it that way, you've actually lost money.. Food for thought..

The flip side of this of course is when you've either gone out shopping because there's something you need or something particular that you are looking for, and then you find the perfect item that you wanted in the sale and make a saving - that's a bargain. However, if once you've found that or those items, you keep looking just for the sake of it and come out spending money on things you didn't intend to buy, well then you're back to the situation above.

I got lucky in a sale this week, and it actually was a bargain, well partially..
About a month or so ago I was in Westfield shopping centre in Shepherds Bush with my mum and as always we were drawn into a store with windows advertising for all to see that there was a sale on. Having ventured inside, my eye was drawn to a handbag, which unfortunately for me was not in the sale (typical, I know). It was a gorgeous sea green shoulder/ tote bag made from the most beautiful soft leather, and I fell in love immediately. The only thing about it that I didn't love was the price.. £179. Now, I am definitely a handbag person (and some might say I have too many - but really, is there such a thing?) but I draw the line at spending over £100 on a bag. Though I'm telling you, I was very close to making an exception for this bag. I have to say, I am so glad I didn't, because on Saturday just gone, I received a notification that this particular store had a sale where selected stock had up to 50% reduction on their price. I'm much to curious a person to have not had a look, but my curiosity (and patience) paid off, because my bag, my beautiful soft leather sea green bag had a new price of £89.50. I'm sure you can guess what happened next :)

I can say without a doubt though, that I am one of those people who will get that happy feeling about finding a bargain and let it spread to the point of looking at what else is in the sale and justifying buying other things, because 'it's still less than the original price of the first item'. So my online browsing meant that my shopping basket total grew to encompass a new purse too (because it perfectly matched my handbag mirror in design and colour and the handbag in brand).

Justification of my expenditure? I was given some money for a special occasion and hadn't spent it yet, so these items are 'presents' from those who gave me the money..

I know, I know, but it's a valid justification and I'm sticking with it.. besides they really are lovely..

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