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Monday, 24 August 2015

How to stay sane while looking for work

So you're unemployed and actively looking for work? Here's how you can stop yourself from going completely crazy.

1. Make sure you check job sites every day, and apply for the roles you like the look of.
2. Register with agencies, so they can do some of the work for you.
3. Keep in touch with the agencies you have registered with, to keep them on their toes.
4. Indulge in tasks you don't usually have time for when at work, like the gym, reading or catching up on tv.
5. Find a hobby, like cooking and experiment with new recipes (but not expensive ones).
6. Look at online courses that interest you (via groupon and wowcher) and would benefit your career.
7. Start a blog and tell everyone about how you are doing (because 'secret' diaries are so last decade..)

 If you're still reasonably sane after following the above, then congratulations - you're certainly doing better than I am!

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