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Friday, 9 October 2015

Sunday is Brunch Day

Whoever said it's too late to start a new tradition? Not me. I have two housemates who are amazing and who I love spending time with, and as of a few weekends ago, we started a 'habit' or 'tradition' if you like, it is the nicer word after all, of having brunch together on a Sunday. It started with a confession from me that I'd never had Eggs Benedict before (I know, shocking, right? Don't worry I've well and truly made up for that in the last 3 weeks) and finished with a hot chocolate and lots of mini marshmallows at an outside table of Dalling & Co. in Kings Langley High Street.

I have to be honest, before this first venture, I had never so much as been curious enough about Eggs Benedict in order to even ask what exactly it is ( don't say 'eggs' - I worked that much out myself from the name, thank you very much! ), and yet since then, whenever we go to brunch on a Sunday, I don't even glance at the menu so see what else they offer ( see, I told you I'd seen the light ).


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