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Thursday, 31 December 2015

" 10... 9.... 8.... "

It's that time of year again when we start thinking up resolutions for the upcoming year, often involving losing weight and saving money, while simoultaneously paying obsene amounts of money to get into that New Years Eve Party and stuffing our faces before the diet starts.

I too have some New Year's Resolutions, but although mine include the standard ' lose weight' promise to myself, this tends to be an all year thing and a given from when the clock strikes midnight on 31/12 each year. This year my resolutions are not so much resolutions, as they are goals I want to achieve, starting with 'get that job'. The success of the rest of my 'resolutions' tend to rely on that first one being achieved, so no pressure at all, no.. *gulp* On the plus side, the role I'm going for is one that I've already had one interview for and have also been invited to the second and final stage interview too, so maybe this is going to be the one.


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