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Friday, 3 February 2017

Pancakes for Breakfast - Healthy Style

Protein pancakes are something I keep hearing about and seeing endless posts about on Facebook, Pinterest, etc. and today, being my day off from work, I thought I might finally try my hand at making them myself.

I looked up a friend of mine on Facebook who has an FB Page dedicated to her passion that is Nutrition and Fitness and inspiring others (you can find her page here), found her post on healthy pancakes and adapted it to match my tastes. Here's how my pancake attempt went this morning...

In the picture above left, is the pancake pan I ordered, likely over a year ago, from Avon (yes they sell kitchenware now) but have never actually used. I figured it would be the perfect partner to my protein pancakes.

The recipe I adapted is:
- 1x banana, mashed
- 2x eggs
- 1x scoop of My Protein Impact Whey Vanilla Protein Powder
- approx. 50 ml of 1% Milk (orange top)

After mixing the above together, I poured the mix fairly equally into the pan,  pictured above right. After waiting for the bubbles to start appearing, I suddenly realised I'd have to flip them...

... this didn't go so well...

Finding I had enough mix left to make another 4, I thought I'd try again.

Thinner layer this time.. but still I can't flip them. I think I managed to save approx. 7 out of the total of 8 pancakes in the end..

I decided to top them with a bit of raw cacao powder and another banana sliced up.

Here's a summary of my shambles pancakes again in pictures.. 

Drop me a comment or hit 'like' if you've enjoyed this post. Also, feel free to give me some tips for improving my pancake flipping skills ;)

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