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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Dresses, Jackets, Shoes, and Bags

I've recently, since starting my most recent role at asos.com, discovered a previously hidden passion and love for fashion and styling, and as it turns out, I have quite a talent for it. A talent that others are apparently noticing too - last week I was out with a friend of mine, shopping for an outfit for an event in June, and while she was changing dresses, I was talking to other customers in the waiting room. I struck up a conversation with a particular patron and was also helping her with zips etc, for the dresses she was trying. The lady in question, commented that she should be paying me for my services.

Later the staff member from the changing room, had heard by conversations with my friend and the other lady, and asked me which area I work in. I thought she meant generally, so I told her I work for ASOS. To my surprise and utter delight, she responded by admitting that she'd genuinely thought me to be a Stylist, based on how she'd seen and heard me interacting with the other customers and my friend. She went on to say that I clearly had a passion for it and a natural talent and that perhaps I should look into Personal Styling/ Personal Shopping as a career (which I have been anyway) and also stated that the store we were in at the time, offers Personal Shopping as a service, and that I should maybe apply for the role! I felt completely giddy and excited for the rest of the day. I had been told by my friends that I have a talent for it, but to have a complete stranger (who works in that industry anyway) make that observation and suggestion that I should look into it as a career was truly a completely different buzz.

Thus, I have thrown myself into the passion for Fashion Styling and made the decision to sign up for a course and will also be working on a Portfolio to show as examples of my work/ talent as a Stylist. Furthermore, I think a unique selling point I can bring to a career as a Stylist/ Personal Shopper is the photography aspect.

Keep your eyes peeled for more of this!

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