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Monday, 13 September 2021

Welcome Back to the Mad House

Welcome back! I'm seeing double.. double trouble.. No, I haven't been indulging in the JD and D Cokes, I'm seeing double because I'm back here and with me is the amazing, fantabulous *drumroll please* Ellie!! (Side note, if there are any misspellings or duplicate letters anywhere that shouldn't be, blame my new keyboard.. it's from amazon).

Anyhoo, it's been a while. I know it had been a while the last time I came back, but now it's been even looooonger. So, what's new? Well, where do I start? Super exciting news; we're starting a podcast!! I know I mentioned this briefly about 5 years or so ago, but this time I actually mean it. We (Ellie and I) actually have a plan and everything *insert photo of chalkboard plan* so stay tuned for that (if you're not still tuned from years ago).

So anway, Ellie. *She says hi*

What can I tell you about Ellie? She's a friend of mine who I met through my Meetup group, around 2 and a half years ago (how has it only been 2.5 years???). She's amazing, especially because she has committed via pinky promise (which is law) to join the mad house a.k.a. the ScatterBot Podcast. 

If you want to satisfy a curiosity and join in with the fun, come give our podcast a listen on Spotify or via the Anchor app. First episode to be posted shortly.

Stay crazy!

EJ & E

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