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Sunday, 6 November 2016

9lbs down and more to go

This post is a little later than planned, so I'm sorry about that. I promised to write a post about my progress having started drinking Skinny Coffee Club coffee. I'm a bit useless admittedly as I have actually forgotten on many of the 28 days to drink this *facepalm* however, I have a second 28 day packet which I will definitely be sticking to as soon as I finish the first one.

Nevertheless, I am pleased to report that my current weight loss progress consists of me now being 9lbs lighter. This is not just down to the Skinny Coffee, but also to my new found motivation to go regularly to the gym, not to mention largely down to my very expensive yet worth every penny Personal Trainer, who is not only encouraging and praising, but also firm and hard (not a euphemism) when necessary.

I have found myself with more energy, renewed motivation and seeing results faster than I ever did using diet 'help' products. I'm also eating more healthily and finding myself not craving those little 'treats/ naughty' foods as much.

Further progress posts to come so keep your eyes peeled!
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