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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

I've got the travel bug

After 9 wonderful days in the beautiful (and I mean that quite literally, especially in the autumn) Big Apple, we were ready to go home. Saying that, it really has been a wonderful  holiday. We've seen everything we planned to see and even had time to spare, which meant we could take it easy the last few days of the trip. Though I will never agree with those who claim that 5 days is enough time in New York, I have to admit that 9 days was ample, but in a good way because the trip was more relaxed - who wants to fly half way across the world for a holiday and come back exhausted as well as jet lagged because they didn't give themselves enough time there? Not me.

We didn't stay in a hotel in NYC, instead we decided to give AirBnB a whirl, and though the location of the flat was pretty ideal regarding sights and the metro, I would argue the landlord's claim that 3 people could comfortably stay in the studio that we rented. In fact it was rather cramped even for 2 adults sharing.

Following New York, I had just 4 days back in the UK before I jetted off to Greece to spend 4 days with my Grandfather and cousin to celebrate our combined birthday. Again I opted for an apartment through AirBnB, never one to be put off, and this time hit the jackpot. Almost. The apartment itself was big, airy and beautiful with ample space to sleep 6 people. My only note would be that the water pressure wasn't the best and the bed I slept in could have kept me awake half the night (if I wasn't so tired and a deep sleeper) from the sharp creaking sounds it made.

The birthday celebrations themselves were fantastic and absolutely without a doubt, very greek - lots of food and drink including 2 different champagnes, as many family members gathered as possible and completed with greek music and dancing (no, of course we didn't throw plates).

As though these two travels are not enough though, I have since booked to go to Portugal for 6 days with my housemate, who has an apartment across the river from Lisbon. Unlike New York and Greece, Portugal is somewhere I have never ventured to and so of course doubly as exciting. If anyone has any recommendations regarding portugese food to try or places to visit, I'd love some helpful suggestions!

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