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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

I confess..

I think I may have a slight obsession with watch straps, Yes, you did read that correctly, I said watch straps.  Maybe I should clarify - Apple Watch Straps for my Watch. Ah yes, see that makes more sense doesn't it?

Anyway, so around this time last year I got my Apple Watch, I wear it every day and absolutely love it. In fact one of the things I love about it is that Apple keep bringing out new straps, in an array of different colours (my bank balance doesn't quite love it as much as I do).

The first strap I got came with the Watch and is the black sports strap. It's smart, and goes with every colour, plus you can change the watch face colour too or make it multicoloured like I do, which means if you like to accessorise with your outfit, you can choose a colour that will match it.

The second strap I bought is the bright green one. I like it because the colour really pops which is great if you find yourself wearing a lot of dark colours, for example to work or just generally. and what's even better is that if you mix and match the straps this green is fantastic with the black strap and green on black watch face.


The next two were purchased in New York, at the Apple Store on 5th Avenue, and yes I bought 2 straps, because they're 'cheaper in the US' (only by about £10 but still it's better than no saving). These were the Vintage Rose and Turquoise straps, which incidentally also look fab together. The vintage rose is not too pink, and it's subtle enough to wear with darker shades, and pink enough to still look feminine. The turquoise was the perfect compromise for me as I thought the first blue sport strap was a bit too blue and wouldn't look right with my skin tone. Again it's blue enough to go well with blue jeans and subtle enough to blend in with other colours.


When Apple brought out the red strap, I knew I couldn't resist for long, (especially with it coming up to Christmas at the time) I even had the perfect gel colour for my nails to match! And again, because I am often indecisive, black and red is always a good combination, even with watch straps.


Having the turquoise strap was one thing, but putting it together with another blue strap, the Royal Blue strap in particular was just too good to miss out on.. They just go really well together, and especially with the bright blue watchface #shadesofblue

Last but not least, as I have a few olive green tops, I thought it would be nice to have a strap for my watch, other than the bright green and the black that would blend a little more with my outfit, but still look smart enough for formal occasions; the Mint strap is the perfect solution. Two words: love it.

See? I told you I'm a bit obsessed.. but let's be honest; that's not likely to change.
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