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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Reviews and Recommendations: Bull Rodizio

Sorry for the delay between reviews, but this place, just has to have a post dedicated to it.

If you like meat, you'll want to come here. 

Why? Because they don't stop filling your plate with it until you tell them to. 

Is it pricey? No, not really, when you take into consideration just how much you've eaten by the end of the meal, I think you'd more likely describe it as a bargain.

To put it into perspective of how brilliant this place is, both for your wallet and your taste buds - I've eaten here twice in less than a week.

Something to note; if you're a vegetarian, or not much of a meat lover, you won't want to come here because there's not a lot on offer for non carnivores. 

So where is this meat paradise you ask? It's local, in Apsley, Hemel Hempstead and even has it's own car park. In truth, you've probably driven past this place on London Road a few times already but not necessarily noticed it unless traffic has stopped.

If I had to rate this place out of 5, it'd get top marks from me. Seriously? What are you waiting for - check out the website here and go book yourself a table! 

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