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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Back to Square One with a Bump on the Head

"Equal Employment Opportunities" which so many companies claim to offer, actually leave a lot to be desired. What they essentially mean is that anyone from any ethnic background with or without disabilities and of any religion and sexual orientation, will all be equally considered for whatever role they are applying for. However the part where this apparent "equality" is limited or does not apply, is when you are a temporary worker.

My job contract at Britvic Plc recently came to an end and I was given a total of 5 HOURS notice (so that I could finish anything I was working on).. I was told that they had wanted to "give me as much notice as possible". Following this, I spoke to my agency, Cobham Consulting Limited, and it was explained to me that the company had no obligation to give me notice because I am a temporary worker. This is the same agency who had politely asked that, if I decided to change roles or was offered a permanent role elsewhere, I was please give them a minimum of 1 week's notice.

Perhaps it was naive of me to expect that I would be given the same courtesy and treated equally in this matter..

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