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Thursday, 27 August 2015

" I'll be back... "

No this post is not to do with any of the Terminator films (though I did recently watch them for the first time.. yes that's right I'd never seen the Terminator films, terrible I know, but I have now, so shush and let me get on with this). Anyway, so unlike the post title this has nothing to do with Robo style Arnie, instead it is to do with the slight chance of a possible job I may be officially starting on Tuesday (woohoo me). So I had an interview on Tuesday last week and they've finally come back to me with the feedback, which is, that the company really like me and that they have invited me to go in on Tuesday for a 'trial' day, which will be paid, and I will then see how everything works, be given basic training and if all parties are happy at the end of the day, I can start in the role on a temporary basis from Wednesday. So, in case you haven't worked it out already, the follow up to the post title is "to work" (again, yay me !)

In the meantime I have a number of things I need to sort out and get finished before my big return takes place, namely, have a clear out of things in my room, organise my shelves, and after that, fully enjoy and make the most of my last few days (and woo the bank holiday) before it's back to the grind, hopefully for a lengthy foreseeable future.

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